Greg Hankins, BS, MA
Chief Executive Officer

Greg has 17 years of ownership, management, and daily operations experience in outpatient rehabilitation clinics. He has proven expertise in developing physical, occupational, and speech therapy programs. Additionally, he’s partnered with hospitals, and established and expanded clinic operations in multiple sites. Hospitals, nursing homes, and private physical therapy centers can maximize profits through his innovative approach to service line development. He lectures on entrepreneurialism at community colleges and university MBA programs. Greg has a passion for community service and is an ordained minister and author.



Scott Hankins, BA, MPT/ART
Executive Vice President

Scott is an accomplished physical therapist with experience in all phases of outpatient rehabilitation. Specializing in aquatic therapy, Scott has developed and copyrighted an objective approach to aquatic therapy: Phased Progression, a water-to-land plan of progressive care. He created an aquatics-based Certified Education Unit (CEU) to meet continuing education and training standards. He also serves as a consultant to a manufacturer of state-of-the-art warm water pools. Scott collaborates with universities and colleges to train physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. In addition, Scott has been instrumental in bringing physical therapy service and equipment to Kenya.


Jim Carlson, BS, MBA
Executive Vice President

Jim has 25 years of business experience, with more than 12 focused solely on marketing. As a senior manager with Sprint and EMBARQ (a spin-off of Sprint) Jim led marketing managers across the United States in the development and execution of locally focused marketing strategies. With in-depth experience in product management and strategic performance improvement, his teams have exceeded performance targets in the areas of customer contacts, lead generation, and new customer acquisition. Synergy Solutions’ clients benefit from Jim’s results-driven approach to marketing.


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